2018 Prophecy: Power After The Storm 

Healing Begins With Grace There are people hurting that truly have the purest hearts. Innocent children, family members…grieving from loss…sick from disease….overcoming financial tragedy.  I have been that person. I lost my home last year, suffered countless private tragedies, health issues for me and my kids and almost lost my family. I went through things…

The Emerald Princess and the Hunchback

This story is not a love story of Disney proportions yet it is reminiscent of the greatest love story ever told. How many times in our life have we mocked or misjudged others for their past? How many times in our lives have we followed the crowd in fear, ignorance and hate? Jesus Christ came into this world offering love, forgiveness and redemption.

Sex, Passion and The Scarlet Woman of Salvation

It wasn’t anything impressive or beautiful. It was just a worn piece of rope. The fact that it was scarlet, was because it was a rope signifying the whore was available for a good time.  Rahab was a prostitute. The scarlet rope was equivalent to the “red light” district in the seedy side of town, except she sat upon the high wall at the choicest spot in all of Jericho. This showed us that what the men of Jericho prized above all things was sex. In that land, sex was their God. 

Princess Moana: Healing Gifts of A Seer Prophetess

My church, Alive Church in Gainesville, Florida, is doing a series of discussions about the moral messages in certain movies, that echo the perspective of biblical lessons in courage, compassion, transformation and the gifts of godly love.  Next Sunday they will be talking about Princess Moana. I don’t know what virtue they will extol, but…

Rahab,The Red Cord of Salvation

God challenges us to be a scarlet cord in the lives of others. He said,”You are my banner. You are my life line and you are the vessel I send out into the world to help others escape the enemy. You don’t have to be anything special, a piece of silk, a colorful tapestry, made of silver or gold. Just be willing to let me hang you in the window of life, dangle over the battlefield with the blood of Jesus as your only war cry!”

Get In The Battle Princess!!!

How prepared are you? I have been on a mission lately. I am tired of getting smacked down by life. I realized that in order to live a life of victory you have to be ready everyday for your moment in the battle! You WILL be called to fight. the question we must ask ourselves is are we training for victory or training for defeat? 

From Valley to Hill: A Witch Redeemed

“God pressed in my Spirit to stretch my faith. He showed me that He was ENOUGH and I did not need to rely on cards to prophesy or help others. I then saw how all magick and tarot were crutches that limits your inner power and faith in God. Holy Spirit responds to your level of faith. Spirit will guide and lead you but the level of manifested abundance is created from the level of faith in your heart.”