Queenly Authority Development

What is Queenly Authority? For me it’s believing unashamedly, and undoubtedly that you have complete authority over everything in your life in Christ Jesus. In short, no one has authority over me but Christ and those that He empowers by earning that position. God is not a God that elects Kings over His people. He…

 Queen Of Standards

 Don’t Compromise Your Standards Today, we live in a society that promotes employees that are sexually promiscuous over spiritually pure. We allow conversations about sex shops, encourage drinking, and endorse employees based solely on our friendships with them.  Society overlooks those that hold a standard of godliness, and wear a mantle of righteousness with compassion…

Awaken The Goddess Within! 

We are all born with a God-Self which has the potential to house the Goddess within. She then comes to us like a beautiful sleeping angel curled up inside of us. As we grow we nourish her with everything we see, hear, taste, touch and meditate our thoughts on.  We each have a choice. We…

Glorious Queen Dating Tips 101

Food for thought: Ladies it matters not your sacrifice. How good a woman you are, how loyal, how devoted. The only thing that will keep a man faithful to you is his heart for Jesus. During this fast I have only been praying to be a Light to the lost. Nothing more. But God shattered…

I Am The Northern Star, Follow Me

I became a psychic medium, channelled spirits from ghosts, helped them cross over, found kidnappers of murdered people that were in the news (many don’t know I did that), practiced Christian Witchcraft, astral traveled to other planets, realms, met Merlin, flew on a dragon, met goddesses and Orishas, and healed the sick. I sat in a Voodoo ceremony. But in none of it did I find God. 

Your Groom Is Ready! 

I saw the whole congregation gathered around me in veils and wedding dresses. They each carried before them on golden platters a brass vase filled with Amber colored oil. At the top of each vessel was a white wick waiting to be enflamed. 

Face To Face With God Herself!

Seek His face ALWAYS! We read His word but do we seek His face? 🤔 👑 When you are in love you text each other constantly. You read each other’s thoughts and feel close. But what good is a text if you don’t see each other’s face?👑 Praise Is Your Soul Transport Meditation, prayer and…

Time To Shine! 

A testimony is but a test!  Back in 2002 I was filling notebooks with sermons, having prophetic visions, and all manners of miraculous gifts…but I wasn’t living right, now it’s 2018. I was born with miraculous gifts. But it took me time, testing, learning, seeking God’s face and growing before I could get my life…

Glow Queens, Glow! 

Get Your Glow Up! Manifestation through prayer and faith in action acts as a mirror of our inner thoughts. Place a mirror in front of a well laid dinner table. You then would see a double vision of abundance. 

Slave Girl to Glorious Queen 

You don’t need a Sugar Daddy, a magical spell, your fortune told, or lots of money. All you need is faith, grit and the Grace of God!!