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I lost nearly 200 lbs in over a year. It has been very challenging but rewarding.

Here are some strategies I have used to maintain my weightloss.

1. Lift Weights

When I weighed 331lbs I rarely moved. I weighed so much I got tired easy and my back, knees and hips hurt carrying all of that weight around. I was super lazy and would call my kids to even give me the remote control! Finally, one day I decided to get off the couch and joined a gym.  I worked out everyday after I dropped off the kids at school.

Weightlifting is a very good way to lose weight quickly. It is never a quick fix, but it gave me faster results than diet alone or just cardio. I noticed I lost inches first before I lost pounds and shrank several clothes sizes before the scale registered a victory!

2. Eat very small portions

I had a gastric sleeve surgery. But honestly, after the first three months you can quite easily stretch your tummy back out again. It takes alot of perseverance and tenacity to stick it out, don’t cheat and follow your nutritional guidelines.  I simply refused to turn back, no matter how hard it was to deny myself food that I was addicted to eating. Eventually, it became easier because I made it my lifestyle.

I normally eat very small portions, about the size of  toddler single serving. One of the things that amazed me about my weight loss is how little food one needs to survive. I couldn’t believe how much food I ingested daily. I never thought I over ate until I was forced to under eat and survived.

3. Take your vitamins

Vitamins are optimal to good health. Most nutritional content has been diminished in our American food trade and preparation. Most citizens are severely lacking in proper nutrition from food alone.

4. Walk everyday

I have a fitbit and I programmed it to challenge me to walk 10,000 steps a day. This is great motivation to walk and move my body. I love my fitbit because on the app I can participate in walking challenges with my friends. I  also attend a work out class at my job and continue lifting weights at my gym.

5. Accountability Partner

During my weight loss I experienced the challenge of people not being to welcoming towards my transformation at first. It can be a bit shocking to people and they aren’t always very encouraging. Thankfully, the man I love was at my side cheering me on, walking with me daily and giving me positive encouragement. I am so thankful for him because not only does he encourage and motivate my physical development but he also spiritually mentored my spiritual growth as well.

It doesn’t matter if you have a significant other or not.  There are plenty of groups whether on-line, in the gym, or at your church which can offer you support and encouragement in your process of change.

6. Don’t give up!

Yes we all have tough day.  Some days we might even blow our diet. But the key is to just begin again and give yourself little challenges along the way. I set goals for myself and take it one step at a time.  My goals might be making 10, 000 steps a day, or not eating carbs for a week, or doing five more squats today than I did yesterday.

7. Don’t stress

I don’t weigh myself much. I might decide to weigh myself once every month. In fact, today I have no idea how much I weigh. This last size that I landed into seemed to hit me out of no where. I had no idea I could fit a size 8! I am still shocked! And sometimes I eat junk food…oh well. It’s about balance and knowing your body. I try to minimize this as much as possible.  Staying hydrated, working out, having support and not stressing the small stuff are keys to building a winning lifestyle that is full of holistic wellness!

Have a beautiful wellness journey!