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“Welcome to my interactive blog created to empower all of God’s Princesses in their Royal Development to become Queens!

I look forward to reading your feedback, stories and wonderful testimonies of the powerful impact of Christ in your life! I created this blog based on my own transformative process, which began from my heart and led to my body! Please enjoy the beauty tips, aromatherapy spa relaxation, fitness motivation and the abundant bouquet of God’s love permeating each page. God created this blog, through me, with you in mind! I love you. I empower you.  You slay all day….I’ll be your witness!” -Love, Raellen

Meet Raellen Hale….

Raellen is a Christian Life Coach  with a prophetic and healing anointing upon her life.  She has been dedicated to ministering to single mothers for well over 25 years.  She is the author of the book From Slave Girl to Glorious Queen, soon to be released in bookstores worldwide November 2017.  Ms. Hale empowers women all over the globe with her powerful testimony of transformation.

Her life was a heavy one as she overcame child molestation, rape and physical abuse spanning over two decades. Because of this; Raellen suffered from deep depression and anxiety, which drove her to dabbling in the occult, as a renowned Christian Witch and psychic medium.

Thankfully, God rescued her and the power of the Holy Spirit prevailed in her life! She re-dedicated her heart to Jesus Christ and finally found release from the bondage of depression, anxiety, addiction to tarot, poverty, rage, sexual immorality and fear of success.

But God didn’t stop there! Through the miraculous love of Jesus Christ, she also shed forever her size 26 body, riddled with sleep apnea, heart disease and pre-diabetes, for her current fit and healthy size 8 body! Raellen Hale, truly, is a living testimony of the goodness and unmerited mercy of Jesus Christ our Lord.

You can catch her with her four beautiful children, chasing rainbows, dancing in the sun barefoot, whispering to the ladybugs she finds in a tree or laughing with flowers in Gainesville, home of the University of Florida Gators!. She loves to share the good news of Christ, by volunteering in the video and outreach ministry, at Alive Church! She works at Meridian Behavioral Healthcare, in outpatient services, and has worked in mental and medical healthcare for twenty-two years.


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  1. Sean McIntosh says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I love what you post on here and Instagram

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    1. Thank you so much Sean!


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